Dressing Made Easy

Would you love to walk into a room like you own it, totally confident in who you are? Would you like to know how you could be that person?

Well you can.

I can help you discover your own sense of style. Together we will create a distinctive brand that is confident, stylish and authentic, and tailored just for you. So you receive a fresh perspective on what to wear every day.

Styling Like No Other

Defining Style offers a unique service for executives who want to stand out in the crowd. We have a range of premium services that are continually evolving to keep pace with our changing world.


As 1 of 5 Certified Image Professionals with the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) and 1 of 109 globally, you are assured you are working with an expert in her field.

Working with hundreds of clients I understand the challenges you face in your busy life. I want you to look your most fabulous, like you truly deserve.

Exclusive Fashion Pop Up Experience

I offer my clients access to a bevvy of beautiful garments and accessories you won’t see anyone else wearing. We have a range of clothing sourced from Australia, Europe, US and New Zealand that suit any lifestyle or personality.

  • For the savvy and smart we have European labels to die for.
  • For lover of dresses and jackets we have styles that glide over your body.
  • For the eclectic we have high-end designer resale treasures, which are unique one offs.
  • Our jewellery is handcrafted locally from precious stones and each piece tells a story.
  • Our hats are bespoke to reflect your personality and handcrafted from luxurious fabrics.


Working in the Image Industry for over 10 years, I have fine-tuned our Programs to change your purchasing decisions with proven line and style strategies. So you gain clarity and insight on the impression you make and how others perceive it.

Take a look at our Programs

Women’s Programs

I believe women with a sense of style are more successful, influential and prosperous. I will show you how to pull off a sassiness that only a woman sure of herself can do.

Men’s Programs

Let me assist you to create an effortless style that is integral to your career and projects a professional and consistent message at all times. The result is a credible brand that is confident, successful and influential.

Executive Programs

As a leader you have the power to command attention, respect and trust. The ability to influence is a powerful tool and is based on your own self-awareness, confidence and authenticity.