Prints are still on high alert for 2019.  And summer is the perfect time to wear these beauties which come in a menagerie of patterns.  Just choose the print that reflects your personality.  If you like to turn heads well the bold geometric is right for you. Or a water paint print if you like a more feminine look.

When shopping with a client I concentrate on what she usually wears and then I challenge that assumption.  If she loves florals, why not wear them with another pattern to make the look feel more modern.

A Stylist’s View 

Anything goes, as long as you feel comfortable.  Get creative with mixing prints, just make sure you continue the colour theme with your prints.  A stylist will always tell you to use the proportions that work for your shape.  The silhouette should always work for  your height and bone structure.

It’s summer of course so keep the colours light and/or bright, and in fluid fabrics that gently drape around your body.

References for Images 

  • Jane Daniels SS18 Elba Fixed Wrap Black & White Silk Dress

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