It depends on you and how quickly you absorb the new information and skills I teach you and put them into practice. Everyone is different; some people pick it up instantly and for others it takes longer, it’s like learning to dance or ride a bike. The more you delve into learning about yourself and what works for you, dressing becomes easier.

It also depends on how determined you are to totally transform the way you look and to what degree you will go. If you want a powerful brand it requires time and effort to reach your full potential and be successful. What I do is not for everybody, as I will challenge you to change the way you think about yourself. You have to want to put in the hard yards. My clients tell me they find it challenging and yet incredibly rewarding.

That’s where my Style Programs come in. Clients who undertake my Style Essentials and Ultimate Style Programs benefit from the results and it transforms their lives. See my Success Stories