You can almost feel it in the air!  The realization that spring is almost here and with it comes that sense of renewal.

For me it’s a time to look at everything with fresh eyes.  To reassess my wardrobe for the coming season and weigh up what do I need versus what do I want?

A need is a staple and will replace a well-worn trusty friend (my peach jeans which go with everything). Not a want (a desire) and a most coveted piece. Always look at your needs first, and then your wants.

I honestly assess last season’s purchases that I wore time and time again.  Like the Boho printed dress (go to item for a hot summer’s day) and a turquoise linen jacket that felt so right.  They were no brainers, in colours that reflect me and; suit my shape and height.

Men – What were the hardest working items in your wardrobe, was it your fave jeans or a pair of white sneakers that have seen better days.

Now lets look at your wardrobe and what can you use to extend your options for the coming season.  Do you always look at summer and winter items as only for those seasons?  If you want to continue to wear your fave cashmere sweater into spring why not layer it over a white linen shirt?

References for Images 

  • Sussan  – Statement Teardrop Earrings
  • Jane Daniels SS18 Strawberry Silk Dress
  • Jane Daniels SS18 Silk Bolero and Pant with embroidered inset