“A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life.” Oscar Wilde

A Distinguished Gentleman

Whether you want to beat the competition, broaden your horizons or gain an edge you’ve come to the right place. Rest assured I provide a fresh perspective on how to look and feel confident no matter what the occasion.

I offer a range of premium services so you stand out in the crowd. Since 2006 I have worked with countless professionals to create a powerful presence in a competitive workplace. I understand the challenges you face every day to look stylish and sharp in garments that have a timeless aesthetic.

Men with a Sense of Style are More Confident, Influential and Successful

I believe every man can look polished and professional all they need is someone with a discerning eye to guide them. I’m passionate to empower men to project the best version of themselves with a brand identity that is distinctive, confident and authentic.

Our Programs

Our programs are designed to give you the tools and information you need to be totally confident and comfortable in your image. I honour what’s important to you and what you need to feel great at all times.

Style Essentials

Our Style Essentials redefines your image over 4 one-on-one personal consultations. It is tailored to reflect you, your age, body, colouring, personality and lifestyle.

  • Colour Mastery

    Take out the guesswork when selecting colours that flatter you with your own Colour Profile, your blueprint of colours that are tailored for you. Learn which colours look great, which to avoid, and how to contrast your colours. Everything is covered including your best neutrals, basics, accents, and jewellery tones. I will show you how to weld the colours together to create a more dynamic appearance with colour as your focus.

  • Debonair Style

    Your Style Strategy and Profile is your Masterplan for your body and proportions with solutions for your particular challenges. If you’d like to look taller or slimmer, or make your stomach appear smaller, I will show you. Learn illusion techniques to maximise your assets and, minimise your liabilities so you never get it wrong. Whether you want to master Smart Casual or add an interesting twist to your outfit you will know what to do.

    I work with you to gain clarity around your presence and brand identity. It’s discovering your own signature style, which reflects your inner essence, personality and lifestyle. I dig deep to uncover the look unique to you so you can express it in the way you dress. And you will revel in the knowledge that you are being the person you most want to be.

  • Wardrobe Sense

    Get hands on experience in practicing your new found colour and style to know which garments look great, which to repair, and which to discard. By clearing out your clutter, we create new outfits within your existing wardrobe and use pieces that haven’t seen the light of day.

    Lastly we create a shopping check list of must have items to fill the gaps in your current wardrobe.

  • Successful Shopping

    No longer waste time or money on clothes that don’t suit you. With my discerning eye and intimate knowledge of the current styles and colours means your shopping trip is better than shopping on your own, or with a well-intentioned friend. My clients love to shop with me as I introduce them to styles they love and would never have contemplated.

    My philosophy is to look for good design, perfect fit, unsurpassed quality and emotional appeal. I believe in versatile effortless pieces for everyday wear that resonate with your signature style. So you can dress with intention no matter what the occasion.

    Ultimate Style

    It’s our Style Essentials plus a six-month review with 2 further one-on-one consultations.

    This Program is the ultimate style experience where we continue to refine and nurture the style you’ve experienced in our Style Essentials Program. You’ve lived with your style for six months so it’s time to review what works and what needs tweaking?

    • Wardrobe Workout

      It’s a new season and perfect timing to look at the gaps in your wardrobe and also to review the garments you may purchased since we last met. And it’s comforting to have a second opinion when you feel something isn’t quite right in the areas you haven’t quite mastered.

      Once again we create a shopping list of the must have items and those required for the next season.

    • Shopping Sense

      Our personal shopping for the next season will ensure all your purchases integrate seamlessly into your wardrobe. The perfect silk tie, a crisp shirt, all beautiful brands handpicked for you. Perhaps there is a luxury item you desire, you could now justify the spend when you look at the cost per day of having that item.

    The End Result

    A Modern Man with a sense of style that is Savvy, Stylish and Successful.

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