Robin’s colour session and hair style recommendation has changed my life in ways I could never have imagined. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I now shop in half the time and with confidence that everything in my wardrobe works together and with (not against) me. I can get dressed in a matter of minutes, producing a look that is unique and enhances my features. I now understand how to use accessories to bring the ‘wow’ into my outfit, or to let my outfit speak for itself. My hair enhances my facial features, takes me half the time to do and involves none of the angst that it used to.I am now constantly complemented in my networking circles, by both men and women, on my style. I am remembered among a sea of black. I stand out against the suits. Thank you Robin for making my life that little bit easier and less stressful, and for bringing joy into getting dressed in the morning!

Lisa Merryweather

Robin combines her extensive experience and no nonsense approach to help create a wardrobe that works, from the beach to the boardroom, where you shine through in all situations. It was a pleasure to work with her and I would be delighted to recommend her to anyone looking for results.

Rachel White

Since working with Personal Stylist Robin Powis, strangers in the street have stopped me and told me how beautiful my outfit looks and how wonderful the colours look together. This has happened more than ten times in the past two months. Whenever it happens it makes me smile with happiness.

Kirana Haag, Transformational Artist

I purchased the Style Essentials Program with Personal Stylist Robin Powis and it has been awesome.

I started with getting my colours done, and that in itself made such a difference. I had no idea before, and now I can walk into a shop and see from the outset if it’s going to work for me or not.

Second was my fashion strategy. This gave me much deeper insight and clarity into how I wanted to present myself and what styles I’m into.

Next came the wardrobe review and my personal shop, working on filling in the gaps and choosing only things I love. I thoroughly enjoyed and gained heaps of value out of the whole experience. It’s given me a great reference point of a new way to shop. Super efficient and fun and much less stressful.

I’m a whole new person now when it comes to my clothes and especially my experience of shopping!
Thanks Robin Powis.  I’ll be back when it’s time for my next big shop!

Andrew Hyslop, Property Developer and Investor

Robin, as I wrote this I realised the impact that following your advice and having your support has had for me. You are fabulous at what you do. I spend less time figuring out what to wear and looking for clothes in an overcrowded wardrobe. This gives me more time and energy to create results in other parts of my life. I also spend less money on clothing as I know what to buy. I am constantly being complimented by family, friends and strangers on how fantastic I look. I love my new look, and feel more comfortable and confident.

Michelle Ockers, Coogee

“I am not much of a girly-girl, not particularly interested in fashion and clothes, but I do understand I need my professional appearance to match my competence and to fit the level at which I work.  I am confident that I am good at my job and yet I don’t quite ‘look the part’ for the level I work at and the results I deliver.

Robin worked with me to define a style that I love.   My wardrobe has been streamlined and strategically added to, helping me make great daily selections with ease.  I regularly travel for work and can now pack efficiently, knowing I will have the right outfit for each engagement. All this has increased my confidence and professionalism, which has in turn increased my effectiveness in winning work.

Robin is a ‘no-nonsense, tell it like it is’ kind of person.  She knows how to shop, what looks good, and how to put a style together.  She is strategic in analysing my wardrobe and putting together a priority list of items to buy, so shopping was cost effective as well as fun (something I didn’t expect).  I can’t say that I enjoyed all the style feedback.  Some of it was hard to hear – although very true.  But I can say it has been valuable.   I will continue to work with Robin to keep my style options updated.   I recommend Robin to any professional woman wanting her personal brand to reflect her desired profile and business aspirations.”

Nicola Deakin, Director at Vibrant Frog

I had a fantastic day with Robin …. it was fascinating to see how even the slightest of variations of a colour had a dramatic impact on the “oomph” it gave you. You can see how much Robin enjoys her work, her creativity and love of colour enables you to get creative and be bold and look stylish along the way! Was a fun afternoon and would recommend a consultation even if you think you know your colours….. there is more to know! Thanks Robin you are wonderful.”

Nicole Cannon, Pink Finance

“I highly recommend Robin and urge you to spend the time to have your style defined.  I am a senior leader in a large organisation, which is dominantly male for leadership roles and found it a struggle to be taken seriously.  I am now taken more seriously in meetings and overall feel much more confident in all that I do. If you have been thinking about getting your colours and style done… do so… It is well worth and invaluable.”

Sharon West, Executive Manager, Uniting Care

Dear Robin, Thank you for helping restore my fashion confidence! Shopping for clothes and packing for trips have now become hassle-free tasks. I now know which colours and styles best suit me and how to create more looks with fewer items. The overall experience was fun and exciting. I would highly recommend your services to anyone looking for fashion guidance.

Erica Hutter, Nestle Professional

Robin Powis is a generous and supportive Image Consultant who understands the deeper issues involved with image. She brings a professional approach and plan towards understanding each client’s body shape and style while allowing room for individual differences. By shopping with you, she guides and teaches you how to shop and demonstrates quickly how things work and don’t work for you. You learn tricks you would never have known otherwise. Her gentle and kind attitude is very supportive and non-threatening as you move from ugly duckling to a beautiful swan.

Babette Bensoussan, MindShifts

Thank you so much for your sound advice. After investing in my sessions with you, I feel very confident when selecting new clothing, knowing I’m enhancing my brand and image. I confirmed a few things and also learned a lot too. I now know how to choose colours and styles that make the most of who I am, rather than sending a message that’s different to the real me. That one question you asked me on who do I aspire to look like, has made such a difference in how I dress. It’s reflected in the comments I get, such as “wow, you look sharp” and “love your suit” etc. Thank you for making it fun, informative and super simple.

Brad Davies, Sydney

I always liked to buy clothes and accessories, but making them all work together was a struggle. Robin gave me a clear picture of the colours and styles that best flatter my features, and helped me steer away from ‘old faithful’ choices that really weren’t doing me any favours. Now when I shop, I buy pieces that truly suit me and will be staples in my wardrobe for many seasons. Looking back on the past, I’ve made some fashion mistakes that hurt my wallet and cluttered my wardrobe. Shopping is now so much easier and my time with Robin will be paying for itself many years from now, I only wish I’d done it sooner.

Rachel Meitz, Narrabeen

I generally felt I knew what colours and styles suit me. After last winter when there wasn’t a fashion item or colour that worked on me, I had a session with Robin to get clear about what colours and style of clothing I look fabulous in, no matter what the fashion. I have just been shopping for my new wardrobe in my colours and style and I feel a million dollars and have had so many compliments from friends and family.

Jill Keyte

The personal shopping trip was very enlightening, and a lot of fun, – so much so I asked Robin to help me with a Style Makeover and organise a corporate photo shoot. I found Robin to be extremely personable with a lovely fun attitude and she certainly knows her stuff. It was lovely getting to know Robin and learning What Not to Wear!!!

Sophie Andrews, The Ideas Book

Thank you so much for helping me ‘vet’ my closet. It was great to understand why those pieces I thought would be great but never wore weren’t right for me. And why others were really great and how to build on them. You helped me bite the bullet and throw out a lot that hasn’t been worn in years – and to repair the things that were worth keeping but just needed some care. My cupboard is nicer to go into and I’m feeling more confident/committed to try to find non-black basics going forward. And your list of places to shop for my body will save me time and offer more options.

Lisa Perkins, Leichhardt

Just a note to say how much I am enjoying the fruits of your work. I love wearing all my lovely new colours! I had no idea how much colour influences outlook and even behaviour. I am presenting a much brighter and more optimistic outlook and it will no doubt do wonders for my business. Defining Style creates competitive advantage.

Ann Turner, Ann Turner Consultants P/L

My wardrobe was a disaster with too many clothes. The problem was all my daggy and ill-fitting clothes hid all the great ones. Robin’s honest appraisal really made my wardrobe work. Robin showed me how to get the most mileage from my wardrobe with items I should keep, toss and those needing alterations. Trying on my clothes highlighted what looked great and what didn’t suit my shape or colouring. Knowing what I had helped me create new outfits within my existing wardrobe and prevented me shopping for pieces I already had. I discovered new outfits – in my own cupboard! Robin was helpful with her tips on how to draw attention to certain parts of my body and most of all I feel fantastic. I have stopped wasting money on items which don’t suit me and I don’t need!

Karen Slade, Catering By Design

Robin Powis presented at our Women’s Health & Wellness Expo providing our audience with some great styling advice on how to look great for the summer season. Robin encouraged audience participation – many ladies were very keen to volunteer for a quick make over. It was a very enjoyable and informative night.

Sharelle Ravenscroft, Pittwater Library Service

As a time-poor professional, I found Robin’s service as a Personal Shopper invaluable. Robin knows exactly where to go to find the clothes that suit my lifestyle and my work. Shopping with Robin means I can get everything I need for a season in one hit – that’s a whole new wardrobe in half a day. It’s a big time saver. Without Robin, this would take several shopping trips on my own and I often walk away empty-handed, which is frustrating. We start the session clearly outlining what I want to achieve – a comprehensive list of items and accessories that I need in my wardrobe – and by the end of it, we’ve ticked it all off. And I always love everything I buy!

Valerie Khoo, Business and Careers Institute

Many thanks for an enjoyable morning on Wednesday, I had great fun and I’m looking forward to learning all about my new style and colours. I have already started to take note of how others dress, and the impact they have.

Robyn Freeman, Wahroonga

Thank you Robin for helping me discover exactly how I could improve my visual presentation and professional image along with how I feel about myself. I needed you to steer me in the right direction to smarten my wardrobe and my outward appearance. I appreciate and enjoy your passion about style and getting it right just for me. If I were to make a comment about you, I would say “Robin’s approach to people is exceptional and she is a fun person to work with”.

Dee Why, Another well-dressed man about town, and feeling good!!!

Robin made me realise that dressing is about me looking and feeling good about myself and I can do that easily now because I know what works and what doesn’t. I rarely wore jewellery because I was never convinced it looked right but learning to accessorise through Robin’s program has brought some fun back into dressing up. Shopping is also easier because I know what to look for and what to avoid. Faced with the realisation that that you have been wearing the wrong colours and styles is not easy and I spent quite some time questioning. However this has lead to a lot of experimentation, which ultimately enabled me to fully understand what works best for me. Robin has been fantastic, thanks for opening my eyes and letting me see the best me.

Vicki Blaskett, Cromer

I owe a big thankyou to Robin for her exceptional ability in making me understand the style, colours and tones that best suit me. Robin helped me eliminate from my wardrobe the poor choices I had made and put me on track for a more versatile and flattering look. My wardrobe is cleared out and fresh and I have a much clearer understanding of what suits me. Robin is most helpful in every way and I am so grateful to her for the new, fresh and stylish me!

Maureen Hicks, Newport

My clothes shopping had consisted of grabbing whatever I could off the sales racks in the least amount of time. Unfortunately I’d ended up with lots of clothes that didn’t really suit me – a great waste of time and money. My sessions with Robin enabled me to focus on the styles and colours that are most flattering to me. I’m buying fewer clothes, but getting much more satisfaction and better results out of my shopping expeditions.

Diane, Cammeray

Robin gives you the complete guide for YOU, but she is also full of great ideas to bring you up to the minute each season. I was so impressed with her follow up to see how I was faring and she was generous with her suggestions. I am loving life armed with my colour palette and style guidelines, knowing that I am making the best of myself.

Jane Menck, Pymble

When I met Robin my work and personal wardrobe was mostly black with a few white tops. We met up to go shopping and Robin researched what styles would best suit me. It took 2 hours and I ended up having shirts, tops and jackets I could mix with the skirts and pants I already had. I also had accessories, which I had not considered owning before. I felt wonderful and the amazing thing was I received compliments from work colleagues on how good I looked. I had everything I needed within the budget I nominated. Robin has an amazing talent in matching clothes to a body shape. She has a wonderful eye for colour and knew which suited me. Robin is very generous with her knowledge and she taught me how I could use colours and accessories to alter the look of an outfit.

Christina Boutsikasis

Before I was styled by Robin my wardrobe was a bit of a mismatch. Since seeing Robin I have a wardrobe that suits both my colouring and body shape. Now when I enter a shop I know exactly what I am looking for. As a mother of three I have found this great for saving time and money. I now feel more confident when choosing new clothes or co-ordinating my existing wardrobe. I have received endless comments on how much better I look. Robin has equipped me with skills that I will use for life. Robin is always so helpful and full of great advice.

Katie Inglis, Balgowlah

Robin Powis has a natural gift for colours and styles and has completely changed the way I build my wardrobe and shop.

Anna Musson, Manners for Life

Like most men, I have total ignorance regarding style, colours & grooming. However, in only two consultations, Robin Powis from Defining Style gave me a personal fit for my industry and profile

Mark Creighton, Finance To Go

Robin Powis from Defining Style presented a fun and informative session on dressing to suit your body shape at our Ladies Night fundraiser. Robin also hosted our fashion parade that night, ensuring all our mum models looked stylish and comfortable in their outfits and, felt confident to strut their stuff on the catwalk.

Maria Murace, Ladies Night Fundraiser Organiser, Narraweena Public School

Like most women, I can carry great weights on my shoulders, and my Achilles heel was my dress sense. I DIDN’T HAVE ANY. If a dress looked nice on a girlfriend, I would try and find something similar, and then wonder why I looked so awful! I didn’t attend my 30th School Reunion because I’d spent all day trying to find the perfect outfit to fit a “together” woman with her own business. I was that woman, but I couldn’t find the outfit to match. That’s when Robin entered my life. Three hours after our first meeting 85% of my clothes had been sorted and sent to a better place. Our next adventure was hitting the shops. Three hours later I had a smaller repertoire of mix and match garments but better still, I knew what colours and styles suited me and how to make a good investment money wise. No more tears now before breakfast as I discard shirt after blouse after t-shirt in search of the look for the day. I’m into quality now, not quantity. Knowing that you look great is intrinsic to your self confidence.

Sue Hawkins, Frenchs Forest

As a business owner I was challenged to find a wardrobe and style that looked great and still comfortable. Robin explained that knowing not how to dress is hardly a sign of failure but confusion about the distinction between corporate wear, evening and weekend wear. Now I know how to put an outfit together with shoes and jewellery to compliment not only my lifestyle by my whole persona. I feel fresh, fashionable and definitely stylish.

Robin has revolutionised the way I dress with her constructive and honest eye. She has guided me through clothes I should do without and clothes I should consider adding to my wardrobe. Robin is generous and thoughtful with tips and suggestions ranging from the care of my garments to hair and makeup. It has saved me time, money and effort and no more costly buying mistakes.

Claire Moffat, Connected Women

On Melbourne Cup Day Robin Powis was the speaker at Northern Beaches Business SWAP to ‘Dress to Impress’. Robin provided Fashions on the Field Awards for the most stylish lady and the best dressed male. Her presentation was fun and extremely informative with many useful tips regarding dress, style and presentation. Robin weaved her magic on two of our members to transform their image. Robin has altered the way people view the importance of their own image. Her approach to people is exceptional and she has enhanced their lives both on a personal and career level.

Jock Wallace, Northern Beaches Business SWAP President of the Year 2007-08