Should I wear Red or Purple?

This is the question I was asked this morning, ‘What to wear for an International Women’s Day event?’

Traditionally I would wear purple, or should I wear my signature red?

The power of colour is amazing and can make a huge statement. Just look at the Golden Globes, the Baftas and the Oscars where the stars made a statement recently just by following a colour dress code.

After the all black code at the Golden Globes and Baftas, the movie industry embraced a kaleidoscope of colour at the Oscars.  And everyone noticed.

I believe as women you use  your feminine power in whatever makes you stand strong. And no better time than IWD to stand up and support each other.

Red Alert

Red is influential, fearless and will turn heads. If pillar box red or scarlet overpower you, try watermelon, the universal colour which suits everyone.

Purple Power

Purple is feminine, passionate and Pantone’s colour for 2018. Purple is a universal shade and is on trend.

White On

The colour of the Suffragette Movement, white is pure, clean and chic.  Classic white was the colour of choice  for Margot Robbie at the Oscars who shone like a star.  My tip is to  avoid stark white and choose its softer sister, ivory.

Green Fever

The colour for Winter 2018, green, is making a huge comeback in everything from perennial bottle green, soft sage, khaki to lime. My choice is the universal shade of emerald, the perfect jewel.

Wear what colour turns you on, has you on purpose and confident in who you are.

References for Images:

Margot Robbie – Getty

I hope my Style Blog is helping you express your individuality in the way you dress.

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