“Know, first, who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly” Epictetus

Executive Stylist

As a leader you have the power to command attention, respect and trust. The ability to influence is a powerful tool and is based on your own self-awareness, confidence and authenticity.

As an executive or entrepreneur it is your personal brand that is compelling, as you project poise, polish and a powerful presence. Your personal brand is your brand identity and defines who you are, your core strengths and values in a deliberate and consistent way.

A Woman of Influence

I believe women should be in positions of power and influence. I’m passionate to work with female executives to transform their image and ultimately change their lives. My mission is to empower as many women as I can to ultimate success, to be prosperous and to achieve gender balance in decision-making roles.

Women trust me, as they love having a second opinion and fresh perspective on their wardrobe challenges. They also appreciate I won’t shoebox them into a particular style.

The Measure of a Man

I believe men with a sense of style are more confident, influential and successful. I’m passionate to work with male executives to project the best version of themselves with a distinctive brand identity that is the epitome of style and sophistication. Clothes alone don’t ‘maketh the man’ however they do give you the winning edge to look polished and professional.

Men trust me, as I offer strategic expert advice they can relate to. My male clients find me approachable, engaging and honest.


It’s no secret that dressing for a special event can be just as challenging as dressing for the office. Christmas parties, the Polo, Derby Day or Melbourne Cup all have you in the spotlight. Knowing what to wear and what is appropriate can be confusing.

I offer my clients a fuss free service to have you looking your very best and leaving you with more time and energy to enjoy the event to the fullest. My clients really love my top to toe approach, which offers sound advice on everything you wear including hats, shoes and accessories.

Executive Programs – Exceptional and Unexpected

Our Executive Programs are designed to give you a unique experience to create a distinctive brand identity that is totally memorable. Your brand is an essential investment in your career to build credibility and success.

I work with you to cultivate your presence to reveal your authentic self and express it in the way you dress. Without a clear personal style or brand identity, there is a danger that you could end up looking like everyone else. It’s not just about the clothes, its what the clothes do for you; it’s the confidence they give you to stand out from the crowd.

Together we will create a wardrobe for you based on smart design with timeless essentials that offer superior performance. Everything is covered for the discerning professional from business dress, relaxed business, smart casual, events and the problematic Casual Friday. Believe it or not Casual Friday is the dress code where most professionals struggle to master.

“Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered.” Giorgio Armani

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